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Good Accessories The Roman Forum Ancient City This audio tour is 45 minutes in duration and features the following tracks:

1) Introduction
2) Remus and Romulus
3) Rome is Founded
4) The Monarchy
5) The Roman Republic
6) The End of the Republic
7) The Empire
8) The Palatine Hill
9) The Arch of Titus
10) Basilica of Maxentius
11) Temple of Romulus
12) Temple of Antoninus and Faustina
13) Basilicas in the Forum
14) The Senate House: Curia Julia
15) Arch of Septimius Severus
16) The Column of Phocas and the Temple of Saturn
17) The Western End of the Forum
18) Temple of Castor and Pollux
19) Temple of Vesta
Who ever thought that more than five million people would flock every year to a swamp in the middle of Italy? Indeed, the area that now comprises the Roman Forum was once a swamp. It is now the world’s most important archeological site, the heart of the most advanced civilization of the ancient world – Rome.
This audio tour tells the story of Rome, from its founding on the Palatine Hill in the 8th century BC up until its fall in the 5th century. We will then walk you through the Roman Forum, highlighting the most important buildings and events that took place throughout its twelve-hundred year history.