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St. Paul Outside the Walls


10 Tracks / 21 Minutes

  1. 1) An Introduction
  2. 2) Who Was St. Paul?
  3. 3) The Church’s History
  4. 4) The Interior
  5. 5) Portraits of the Popes
  6. 6) The Triumphal Arch Mosaic
  7. 7) The Tomb of St. Paul
  8. 8) Gothic Art in the Basilica
  9. 9) The Apse Mosaic
  10. 10) The Back Chapels


Unlike St. Peter’s Basilica, there isn’t a great dome crowning St. Paul Outside the Walls. Monumental statues on top of the facade are nowhere to be seen. The church itself is located “outside the walls”, far from the city center. And then there is the fact that the current building was built in the 19th century, following the devastating fire of 1823. Yet despite all of this St. Paul Outside the Walls is still one of the most impressive buildings in
Rome. Why?

The simple reasons are its classical grandeur and enormous size. Nowhere in Rome can one experience the magnificence of 5th century Roman architecture like at St. Paul’s. Following the fire of 1823 this church was rebuilt exactly like the original – every little detail. Every other major basilica in Rome has to some degree or another been transformed in the renaissance and baroque styles. St. Paul’s has not.

This tour audio tour looks forward to welcoming you to the 5th century. You won’t want to leave!

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