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The Pantheon



10 Tracks / 19 Minutes

  1. 1) Introduction: The Campus Martius
  2. 2) The First Temple Here
  3. 3) Hadrian
  4. 4) From Pagan Temple to Christian Church
  5. 5) Perfection in Building
  6. 6) Design Overview
  7. 7) The Porch
  8. 8) The Dome & Its Design
  9. 9) Wall & Floors
  10. 10) Explore: Chapels & Burials


The Pantheon is the greatest building of the ancient world. Completed by the Emperor Hadrian in the second century AD, the Pantheon is unequaled in the history of architecture. It is the most influential building ever designed and some even say that it is the greatest building ever built.

This audio tour will walk you through the history, architecture and legacy of the Pantheon. What was this building used for? How exactly was it built? What is it that makes it so great? Is it really a church today? These and many other questions we address throughout the course of this audio tour. We promise that by the end of this tour, you will be absolutely head over heels for the Pantheon.

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